Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Morning After

I'm in a happier place this morning. The sun's out, my clothes are in the washing machine shedding mustard and I survived Murder by Burger last night. 

I think you need to have just worked a 14-hour day and be pumped full of adrenaline to beat someone to a pulp. If I get bacon & eggs thrown at me in an hour on my way back to work I might just take note of their registration number instead.

Road Rage

I've just got home after half an hour riding around my neighbourhood trying to find the little shits that threw food at me and just about knocked me off my bike riding home from work tonight. 

It's not the first time I've been hassled. I've been yelled at and had bottles thrown at me, but you almost expect that when you're out riding around town at midnight. This was much more dangerous as I was going close to 40kph and they slowed down very close to me to take aim. I got a hell of a fright.

So if by some strange coincidence the offender is reading this I suggest you don't do it again because if you get stuck in traffic this time I'm going to drag you out of the car screaming like the little coward you are and beat you to a pulp you miserable little fuck.