Thursday, February 19, 2009

Go by Bike Day - 2009

As I sat down tonight to write this post it has occurred to me that it's exactly one year (to the day) that I started this blog. My posting has dwindled as I've realized that I don't do many interesting things that people would want to read about, and when I do, I don't have time to write about them!

I have however gotten over my fear of talking to complete strangers (all 3 of you), and although I doubt my writing skills have Improved it was worth it for that alone.

I think my blogging days are almost over, but I do have time for one quick post...

I went to my first one last year and really enjoyed the experience, so I was keen to make it along this year.

They are held all over New Zealand to encourage day-to-day cycling and my local one is but a few miles (and hills) down the road in Takapuna. I wanted to take the Pugsley again as people really get a kick out of it, but it's currently geared for the dirt only so I rode The Nasty Evil Bike instead so I could get back in time for work.

With the hours I work I'm normally out on the roads alone so it's wonderful mixing with fellow cyclists at an event like this. It was probably about two-thirds lycra-cowboys, but there were a lot of normal looking riders there as well and the racks had their fair share of older road bikes and mountainbikes retired for commuting duties like mine.

No goody-bags this year, but if you filled out a cycling survey for the city council you got a free cycling t-shirt. I got a small one for my boys so they can wear it mountainbiking.

There was tons of free food and drink, music, helmet-hairdressing, product displays, bike checks and information on upcoming cycling initiatives in our area. All good stuff - I'll be back next year.

By the time I dragged out the camera most people had gone to work so it all looks a bit empty in the following photos, but there was a good crowd there. I think It's important for the cyclists in our community to show their numbers at events like this so we can stand up and be counted (excuse the pun), as the motoring lobby gets most of the councils attention.

This old thing was my favourite bike there

Free bike-checks under the blue marquee

Another Surly sighting in Auckland! That's two Pugsleys and a Karate-Monkey. 

(The Nasty Evil Bike lurks in the background feeling jealous)

Smile T-Shirt ladies, smile. You're on candid blog camera.

Tony from (where I purchased my 29er Muni) put on a really funny and entertaining show.