Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The best $149 I've ever spent

Trailer Panda
This bike trailer has been so useful and was really cheap. I don't often say that about bike accessories in New Zealand.

A trip to the shops or to the local playground becomes an adventure not a chore. The handling is unaffected and you can barely tell you are towing it at all, just a little extra weight going uphill.

Carla and Dolly are captured here at high-speed, heading downhill on wet grass with road tyres and cantilever brakes.

You can't say I don't live life on the edge.


scott said...

Aha--I see you've been sucked in, too. Next thing you know, you'll be looking for trailerbikes, and then those will pale and you'll want a tandem.

Just go with it. :-)

Antoine said...

We've had this the best part of a year. Carla just loves riding in it.

I had bought a used child seat but hated using it.
- The bike felt a bit top heavy at slow speed
- Getting Carla in and out was difficult
- I couldn't see her as we we riding
- I got heal strike
- I think they would be dangerous in a crash

scott said...

Yeah, I apparently rode in one of those when I was little. Picture unpadded metal arms, no foot guards, plaid vinyl seat cushion, no real safety straps--and of course no helmet. I've been told we crashed once. That might explain a lot.

Antoine said...

Yes, my father made me a child seat for our old Ford Cortina out of wrought iron which hooked over the back of the front bench seat. He ingeniously used my elder brothers cowboy belt as the retaining device.

Forty years later I still have the dashboard scar on my forehead.

Mel said...

Those trailers were a bargain and a great investment. We've got one too - don't use it all that much to be honest, but once summer rolls around again I hope to fix that.

Antoine said...

>Mel: God, not someone else reading my blog. A couple more and It'll be in double figures ;-)

... and a local too. Now I'm feeling a bit self conscious, but I started this thing to conquer writing shyness so I'll press on.

K-Mart are selling them even cheaper now, but we still got a good deal.

I see you went to the Singlespeed Champs in Rotorua. I had so much fun I'd like to go next year, but it's an expensive weekend away for me.