Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Cycling Reclassification

Hauling the Midget-Assassin home from unicycle club

It's come to my attention lately that although I've always classified myself as a "mountainbiker", I don't actual get much opportunity to go mountainbiking. 

This became apparent when Paul from the mountainbikingnewzealand blog kindly invited me to contribute some of my posts and I've had nothing relevant to write about since!

Around the same time a good friend purchased a beautiful new Haro MTB and I still haven't had a chance to see it, let alone go riding with him. That's the problem with work and kids - they cut into valuable cycling time and there's never enough money ;^)

So I guess 95% of my cycling could be classified as Utility and I'm just going to call myself a plain old "cyclist" from now on. 
(But NEVER a Lycra-Cowboy)


Craigers said...

I've fallen into the same category with my 16 month old. Only, I didn't realize it until I just read your post. Thanks for the slap across the face (hehehe), I'm awake now. Love the blog by the way.

Marla said...

I with you. I barely remember the last MTB ride I did!

Antoine said...

@Craigers:Thankyou. I look at the blog's stats now and again and swear only two or three people read it, but you have restored my faith. Not much to write about lately but it is winter down here and we don't get any snow in Auckland for Pugsley to play in.

Those milk-guzzling, nappy-filling millstones sure slow you down, don't they? But you wouldn't have it any other way and you get your freedom back in 18 years ;^)

Antoine said...

@Marla: Marla, you've got no excuses, go out there and get muddy!