Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Morning After

I'm in a happier place this morning. The sun's out, my clothes are in the washing machine shedding mustard and I survived Murder by Burger last night. 

I think you need to have just worked a 14-hour day and be pumped full of adrenaline to beat someone to a pulp. If I get bacon & eggs thrown at me in an hour on my way back to work I might just take note of their registration number instead.


Doug said...

Note to self: When in New Zealand, DO NOT throw food out the car window at tall guys riding Purple Pugsleys in the middle of the night!

Doug said...

...or tall guys riding bikes covered in tape!

Antoine said...

I'll take it easy on you Doug :^)

My work colleague has just informed me that a better way to retaliate against such stupidity is to carry a small squirty-bottle of brake fluid on your bike for application to the paint on their cars. He used this with great success in his motorcycling days.

I think that better suits my passive nature and sense of humour.

Marla said...

I like to use bear spray, but not for the bears;)

Marla said...
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