Saturday, September 26, 2009

"My name is Pugsley and I am an alcoholic."

Pugsley was getting a little jealous with all the fussing over the new Surly in the family so I included a Niner YAWYD top-cap with the final mail-order of parts for the Cross-Check. 

The casual observer will now be more convinced than ever that I have a drinking problem. 

Y.A.W.Y.D. (You Are What You Drink). Until I can find a half-Danish, half-English beer brewed in NZ with a purple cap this will have to do.

Ahearne Spaceman Flask Holster. Got this for the NZ Singlespeed Champs last year.

Surly "Tuggnut" chain-tug and bottle opener was part of the original build. Heavy but works well. 



coastkid said...

some nice bling there!,need to get my hip flask back on the pugsley somewhere,it came off when i got the frane bag,i usually have home made slow gin made by my friend!

Doug said...

My Pugsley must be thinking I forgot about it. What with the lack of snow riding last winter due to the broken arm. I meant to take it out this summer, but it needs some work yet before I ride it again. It will see some snow duty this winter.

Nice to see the Cross Check FINALLY coming together.

Mel said...

Nice to see the Pug getting some love. Those YAWYD top caps are cool!