Friday, October 30, 2009

29 inches, 36 Spokes... That's how I roll!


I'm riding 26 inch/36 spokes

or the 16 inch/28 spoke - 14 inch/20 spoke combo

and not forgetting the 6 inch/spokeless monstrosity.


Doug said...

That's quite the eclectic collection of fine bicycles.

Antoine said...

Thanks Doug. It's a bit of a lightweight post but I'd been thinking about how I'd never managed to bash a wheel out of shape, let alone break a spoke in all my years of cycling and it occurred to me that all my "full-size" bikes have 36 spoke wheels. I think there's something in that.

I was going to put a 32 spoke wheelset on the Cross-Check but as I'll be mountainbiking on it occasionally and hopefully touring in the future I played it safe. How much more could 4 spokes weigh anyway?

Thanks for the mention in your last post, my hits jumped way out of single figures for a day but still no one comments :-(

coastkid said...

what is the wheeless bike antoine?

Antoine said...

It's a Chinese copy of the Sinclair A-Bike that I use for individual pursuit and derbying with my three year old daughter in the garage when it's too wet to venture outside.

It folds down smaller and is lighter than any other bike but is totally unrideable on anything but smooth surfaces.

The tyres are hilarious. They are so small it only takes two strokes of my track-pump to inflate them to the recommended 90psi! (quite a contrast to the Endomorphs on the Pug)

Doug said...

A blog called Commute by bike linked to both of us. I'd like to take credit for your bump in hits, but I think it was the other link that did it. My hits tripled on Sunday compared to my normal Sunday traffic. Took me awhile to figure where it was coming from.