Friday, February 22, 2008

Adventure starts here

I'm in my third cycling cycle.

The first was in childhood. My dad bought a little red bike for my birthday off a Japanese guy on a cargo ship. I would have been five or six years old. I fell in love. It was candy apple red and had a chrome siren on the bars that you controlled from a button by the handgrip. I loved that bike more than anything in the world and I got to ride it for a whole fifteen minutes before it was taken away from me! I was too tall for it. A problem that plagues me to this day. I had to wait another year for my next one.

The second cycle was in my mid twenties. I worked in a design studio with a teenager so enthusiastic about bike racing that the majority of staff ended up getting into cycling without really trying. Before we knew it even the owner had bought a fancy road bike and we were organising company cycling events for our clients and their families. I bought my first bike as an adult and started mountain bike racing with the guys from work. I'm still riding that bike fifteen years later.

I'm in the third cycle now. I can't remember how it started but I got wind of the singlespeed movement. I sniffed around the internet and found Sheldon Brown's site. All the information I needed was there. I purchased a Surly Singleator to convert my bike from Harris Cyclery and I was hooked. People talk about the zen of fixed gear riding. Well I think the same thing applies to singlespeed mountain bikes. The simplicity, the silence and the extra effort required makes for a special experience. You just zone-out and forget about the bike completely. It's more like running than cycling. That was three years ago and I'm totally obsessed with cycling again.

I'm going to share some of my cycling adventures on this blog.


Doug said...

Welcome to blogger land! Looking forward to your adventures and writings!


Antoine said...

Hey, how did you know I had started a blog? (Flickr profile?) I haven't told anyone yet!!!

I was going to let people know and give you the credit for encouraging me once I had some content to share.

I'm a little uncomfortable putting my thoughts out there and have no writing experience, but hey, who's going to be reading it anyway!

Doug said...

I found it on my Statcounter. Someone in Michigan (U.S.) came to my site from your link on your blog.

Scott Clark said...

Hi--saw the blog picture in Flickr. I'm looking forward to reading this.


("topographer" on flickr)

npGREENWAY said...

I saw the picture on flickr too. Looking forward to reading more. Looks great so far!