Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting dirty with the neighbours

We live in a really friendy street. There's only about 18 homes, lots of kids, and as you would expect we all know each other pretty well. What's unusual is that we all "LIKE" each other as well. That's not so common nowadays. It's also a very bike-friendy street and just about everyones got a mountain bike.

In the summer, once a month or so, four or five families go off to our closest mountain bike park for a group ride. It's a fun day and as one neighbour has a motorhome there's usually a BBQ and a few drinks at the end of the ride.
The Woodhill Mountainbike Park is about a 40 minute drive from our place, but it's very well set-up, only costs me $6 to ride all day and the kids are free. The trails are on a pine forestry block planted on coastal sand dunes, so even when its been raining for days (as it has been here) there is no mud, no puddles and the trails are actually faster with the damp sand.

My two boys are 7 and 9 and are not obsessed with cycling like their father. This is a good opportunity to get them out riding with me and having fun without it becoming a chore. I don't get a chance to do much off-road riding as I look after my daughter on my days off, so this is good training and good fun for me also, although we ride pretty slowly and stop often to wait for stragglers.

We award a "Kamakazi Kid" trophy each time for the most impressive crash or the most blood spilt. Callum was the winner today. We had a remarkable lack of carnage on this outing so he got the award for good sportmanship and top riding skills.


Anonymous said...

What a tank Antoine! Get some real tyres on that bloody thing you wuss!

Try doing some calf raises to strengthen your ankle...


Antoine said...

I could make jokes about the size of your tyre Sam, but you've heard them all at boarding school.

Calf raises? Yeah I'm doing those amongst other things, but it's the flexibility that's the problem, not any instability. Bone hitting bone with no cartilage doesn't help either.