Thursday, April 24, 2008

Singlespeed Shakedown

The big race is this weekend so I rode the Pug to work today to sort out any kinks. I converted it to a true singlespeed (was a dingle) this week and have not had a chance to try it out and see if any bits fall off.

I still get a thrill riding this bike after two years ownership, even with 32/20T gearing on the road. I did wheelies all the way to work in the sunshine and took silly photos like the one above riding home in the dark. You've always got a smile on your face riding a Pug.

The road trip starts tomorrow... wish me luck!


Doug said...

Good Luck Antoine...and have fun. I agree it's hard not to smile when riding a Pugs!

Antoine said...

Thanks Doug. I'm back home now and fully recovered. I did have a lot of fun but our bikes sure are heavy under racing conditions! You would know about that more than most. I might gear it lower next year unless I'm a lot stronger in 12 months time.