Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Dual

In a moment of weakness at the request of "friends" (I use the term loosely) I have entered another mountainbike race

Riding 50 kilometres on a lumpy inner-harbour island sounds bad enough but you also cross a causeway onto a volcano for a chance to lose all you skin crashing on the razor-sharp scoria. 

The perfect pairing for this epic is of course a 36 pound singlespeed piloted by a skinny, unfit guy with a stuffed ankle. 

Sounds like fun, I can't wait. I have two months to get fit enough.

I'm getting confused just looking at that course layout


Marla said...

Sounds like fun! And a beautiful venue to boot.

Volcanoes?! I know it's a race, but if you get pics around the volcanoes, post them:)

sarangkot said...

Mountain biking on Rangitoto? Excellent!

Antoine said...

Marla: Rangitoto is a "dormant" volcano. I may take a camera but I'll be struggling to finish as it is without playing photojournalist.

sarangkot: First time bikes have been allowed on there (since the invention of the mountainbike anyway).
I look out at it everyday but haven't been over there for 33 years!

sarangkot said...

I've climbed Rangitoto and know how tough the tuff can be. Don't fall off!

Mel said...

Fantastic! It will be a great warmup ride before the SS Champs. Makes my upcoming 30km ride seem a bit wussy. Any chance of a handlebar mounted camera?

Mr Dewhurst said...

You didn't tell me you were doing this Antoine? I'm doing it too! How is the training going? I rode to Karekare and back a few weekends and it almost gave me a stroke.

Antoine said...

Mr Dewhurst:

1x1hr road ride on the Pug.

I will suffer.