Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unicycle Clubbers

I'm a bit late with this post but below are a few pictures from the final meeting of our local school's unicycle club for the year. 

I thought The Campbells Bay School Unicycle Club was a bit of a mouthful so I suggested they re-brand as the CBS Cyclones and whipped up a logo. We'll see if they run with it this year when the new term begins, but the response was very good.

This club is wholly due to the enthusiasm of Mark, a keen unicycling parent who started it all and managed to secured Sports-Trust funding to purchase dozens of loan unicycles. They are available free for the children to learn on at club meetings and take home to practice their newfound skills. Ten or more new kids join each year and the school-leaver's uni's are passed on down to the new recruits. 

The School thinks it's wonderful as the club represents CBS at local parades and a large bunch of unicycling kids sporting blue school shirts and red stetsons makes quite an impact in the community. Good PR never goes amiss! 

The more accomplished riders trying out some moves

Mark hands out certificates (and ice-blocks)

Relay racing


Marla said...

I love that a school has some type of cycling for the kids to get into. Too bad that it doesn't happen around here much.

The logo is great. And I love that it's blue!

Antoine said...

Thanks Marla.

It's tempting to think of starting some type of MTB skills clinic there but that would be next to impossible for me with a 2 year old in tow (male-multitasking-syndrome).

Most of the 700 students will have mountainbikes of some kind but they are actively discouraged from riding them to school.

You are not permitted to ride on the roads bordering the school or the footpaths (sidewalks) so the covered school bike racks only have 10-20 bikes in them most days. Pretty pathetic.

On Mondays of course they are outnumbered by unicycles!

Marla said...

That's a little strange. Why can't you ride the roads around the school?

Antoine said...

A rule the school has put in place for students, not the general public. They deem it too dangerous, so the "soccer-mums" have won that battle for now.

It's a shame as most of the big SUVs that clog the streets at pick-up and drop-off times have only driven a mile or two from their homes - then they go home and drive to the gym to run on a treadmill!!!

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