Thursday, March 5, 2009

CBS Cyclones T-Shirt

I've been working on a t-shirt design for the School unicycling club. 

They liked the original concept and the CBS Cyclones name but I had to modify it so it prints as black and white on a light blue t-shirt (school's colour). Parts of the blue shirt show through adding a bit more colour.

Not as much impact as the version for white backgrounds but I think it looks OK.


Philip Williamson said...

I am so stoopid. I just now, looking at the BIKE in the middle of your blog header, realized that your name has been I Bike N.Z. this whole time, and not "I bikin'z." I had vaguely thought it was a riff on "I can has cheezeburger?" or something.

On the other hand, cool shirt! I had to weave between three girls riding unicycles in the street yesterday. It was really cool. There were two boys on two-wheelers, too, so it really did look like a kid circus.

Antoine said...

Far be it from me to comment on the intelligence of the American people...

I actually stole the name off Mark at ibikempls (although I did ask)

Unicycles are cool, you should cut all your bikes in half.

Antoine said...

Oh, and thanks for reading the blog!