Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Singlespeed World Champs

WooHooooooooooo... I got an entry!

To be held a few hours down the road in beautiful, stinky Rotorua, or Rotovegas as we Kiwis call it. I raced the inaugural NZ Singlespeed Champs there on the Pugsley and had a great time. The trails are world-class and Rotorua is a very unique place.

One of the few sports that you can be crap at and still race in the world championships!


Tarik Saleh said...

Hooray indeed! Look forward to meeting you!

cyclotourist said...

Congratulations! Considering it's in your back yard you better be going!
Now I know of at least two participants to root for! Can you guys start a team or something to make it easier to figure out who is winning?

Paul said...

Nice :) I may well see you there mate (not on a SS ;)). It looks to be a heap of fun!

I've just got back from a solid week of riding in Rotovegas and it is mental.

Antoine said...

Come on Paul, get in while you still can, lose the gears and join the party. It's not everyday you can race in a World Championship!

Mel said...

I'm in too. See you there! :D

Unknown said...

Participated in the SSWC when it was held in Stockholm, wish I had the dough to go to NZ!