Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finding Dirt in the Big City

[dirt] road bike - Centennial Park, Campbells Bay

The last few days I've been riding the Cross-Check with knobblies fitted to determine if it's capable of finishing The DUAL. Well I know it's capable, more to the point is can whether I can ride a rigid cyclocross bike with drop-bars and relatively skinny tyres off-road for 50km.  

With this in mind I've been searching-out every piece of ridable dirt, gravel and grass as I ramble around the North Shore of Auckland.  

It's amazing how much is out there when you look for it. Not a lot of technical singletrack but loads of gravel paths and grass for Africa. 

So far, so good. After a handful of two hour rides I'm getting a little stiffness in my neck and wrists but no other aches or pains to speak of. I think my hands are slowly getting accustomed to the different angles of a drop handlebar.

I took these pictures of some of the varied riding surfaces I found in suburbia. Most of them are taken no more than 20 or 30 metres from a main-road or housing but you could be in the middle of nowhere. 

Pupuke Golf Course

Rosedale Road Wetland, Albany

Long Bay Reserve

Dropping down to Long Bay on the cliff pathway


cyclotourist said...

Riding 50K on the CC is no problem, the question is how fast you would be!

BTW, your "Try this with a roadbike, asshole" post looks deleted. Jumping with a roadbike is easy. Landing is the trick.

Antoine said...

I've ridden 160km on the road with my old MTB but this is a mountainbike "race" with endless climbing!

I want a good time but I don't want to beat myself up too much doing it.

I deleted the "Try this" post, didn't like the tone. I wrote it when I had just got home from the ride, still in a state of euphoria and thinking it was funny, but on reading it later thought it to be in bad taste :^)

cyclotourist said...

Ahhh, discretion. What a concept!

The CC should climb wonderfully unless it's really rutted/rooted singletrack. If it's smooth trails as I seem to recall from last year's event, you may be in the lead. Descents will beat you up and/or slow you down though. I guess try to make some time on the flats and ascents... but you knew that already.

Joboo said...

Man it's only been a month and 1/2 since I've seen dirt and green grass!! It'll be another 3 to 4months till I see it again, so thanks for the photo's!!!! Good luck in your race also!
Oh yeah.............. Pug U!!!!! ;)


Antoine said...

Sorry about all this spam thats started cropping up. Doe anyone know how to stop it?

I don't want to have to moderate each and every comment, I'd rather just stop blogging than have to do that.

Thanks, Antoine