Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fat Chance of finishing

Not a lot of riding done this past week. I had a two hour ride last Sunday and that put my ankle out of action for the next two days. I'm trying to get fit for the New Zealand Singlespeed Champs and need to do longer rides, but despite icing it straight afterwards, it was very tender. I'll just have to manage it the best I can. The main problem is it still hurts taking my weight going over bumps, and that's not ideal for mountainbiking.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have conned one of my friends into entering the race with me. Murray came over on Sunday morning so we could convert his Fat Chance to a singlespeed. In preparation I stayed up half the night at our annual street party drinking (and judging) home made limoncello. Why can't my neighbours brew beer like normal people instead of highly potent liqueurs that taste like icecream toppings? After a handful of headache pills, a vitamin B drink and two strong coffees I was raring to stand up. Things didn't improve much for the rest of the day.

Fat Chance "Wicked"

The conversion went well, all things considered. When I was able to focus, things looked pretty good! I had a Surly Singleator chain tensioner, a newish Sram 8-speed chain, single (steel) chainring bolts, cassette spacers and a selection of Shimano BMX sprockets sitting in my toolbox from the days when my commuter bike was a singlespeed. Muzza is going to restore this classic bike at some time in the future so it a temporary job with my parts for now, unless the singlespeed bug bites him like it has me.

Surly Singleator at work

Afterwards we went for a quick ride through the local park to try things out. Muz has always been a faster and fitter rider than I, so It was fun watching him suffer on the hills even though his bike must be at least ten pounds lighter than mine! Things will be different in the race I'm sure, but you enjoy these moments while you can.


Anonymous said...

Nice Bike! I love the candy apple orange primer cyan colour scheme. But seriously thanks for your help Antoine.

Chemical said...

nice bike...wha year is it and average price??? thanks

Antoine said...

No idea what it's worth. He's getting it repainted at the moment. I would guess it's from the mid 80s.