Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Zealand Singlespeed Championship

I have entered. What an idiot! 42 years old, no fitness and a 36 pound snow bike. At least other people will get a laugh out of it. I see nothing but pain...

I have 7 weeks to get fit enough to finish, which isn't going to be easy with my busted ankle. The recovery from the reconstruction is taking a long time and I am really only riding with one and a half legs at the moment.

None of my friends ride singlespeeds but I have conned one of them into converting his lovely classic Fat Chance with my spare parts for the event. I wanted some company and someone to share travel and accommodation expenses with. Thanks Murray.


David Benson said...

Which potential scenario from the forthcoming global catastrophe persuaded you that it would be a good idea to get a Pugsley?
What's it gonna be? A new Ice Age, or desertification?
Do you reckon that either will have kicked in by April 26?

Antoine said...

I live near the beach.

As for April 26 - I'm praying for a heavy dump of snow in Rotorua that weekend to give me an unfair advantage.