Monday, March 3, 2008

The School Run

A couple of days a week when I'm not working, Carla and I ride up to school with the boys in the morning and again in the afternoon to meet them for the return trip. They are still a bit young to ride unsupervised and the standard of driving in New Zealand is pretty bad. 

When the morning ride just doesn't happen for some reason or another, we make more of an effort to get up there in the afternoon for the return trip. I take the scooters along as it's just about all downhill on the way home.

Carla loaded up and ready to go.

We're having such a great summer here, I'm keen to get out of the house and ride whenever I can. I bought a second hand child's seat for Carla, but found it hard to get her in and out whilst holding the bike upright. I also didn't like the top heavy feeling you get with your centre of gravity so much higher. The trailer is much better. Lots of room to carry stuff and you don't even notice it on the back. The best $150 I ever spent.

Waiting for the 3pm bell to ring.

The trailer gets lots of attention. They are not common in New Zealand at all. Children just love it, and everyone says hello to Carla as we're riding around school.

Just passing the tennis courts.

We are very lucky to live so close to Centennial Park and most of the trip home is through here. There are still cars about, but they are few and far between and are traveling a lot slower than out on the road. 

This trip takes us 15 minutes to school and only 10 minutes downhill on the return trip. You would not believe how many mothers live in the same area and drive their big SUVs to school instead of a 15 minute stroll through the forest. They leave half an hour early to get a parking spot and sit there reading a book or listening to the radio. The really bizarre thing is I see some of these same mums out running when they get home! Where's the sense in that?

Race ya!

Hang on Teddy.

I just got these Keen sandals (shoes?) for my birthday and they are fantastic. They are kind of a cross between a sandal and an off-road running shoe. Perfect for bike riding in summer. I have munted my toes too many times in clumsy bike incidents and it's put me off cycling in sandals for life. These are going to be great for a clumsy person like me.


npGREENWAY said...

Did you know that Keen's headquarters is here in Portland, Oregon USA? We were quite pleased when they relocated here about a year and a half ago.

Congrats on the new blog. Looks great so far! I like your masthead.

Antoine said...

Thankyou! I must put my Pugsley in the masthead one day. I didn't have a suitable side on photo so I found one online. Mine is singlespeed.

I would very much like to visit Portland. I flew over it on the way to Seattle some years ago. We have a lot of trees in NZ but I think Oregon beats us. It looked like one big forest with the odd mountain, lake or town thrown in for variety.